Dealing in new, used, and obsolete computer hardware/software

We at BS Used/New/Obsolete ComputerWare just sold a large portion of our inventory. We no longer have any software and very little hard ware, so if you have any used software or hard ware that you don't use any more, feel free to email me and I can list it here. I will need to know an email address to reach you at, in the case that someone is interested in it.
To make an inquiry on software or hardware, send an email to me that includes a copy of the description(s) of what you want. Then I will get back to you on how much it would cost including shipping and a snail mail address to send the check/moneyorder to. All items will be shipped on normal ground unless you specify otherwise. Do not ask me to find a computer, or computer equipment, for you, what you see here is what I got.
Oh yeah, click on the pictures to see what we got.


5.25 in. floppies - we got a couple mac disks!


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