Here is a list of the computers we currently have for sale with any notes about them, and thier prices. Most of the computers we can get a pic if you want. The prices are excluding shipping unless otherwise noted. Most prices can be negotiated.

1 TRS-80 model III; Needs space bar, otherwise in good working condition. $50

2 Atari 800's both with 48k ram and 10k os. One of them has the Memory Modules and OS still encased in the original cases. Both of them are missing the right shift keys and one, in addition to the shift key, is missing the "Colon:Semicolon" key, the "Break" key, the "Right arrow, carrot, asterisk" key, and the "CLR, SET, TAB" key. Both share one power supply along with the 1050 disk drive and the 400, both work perfectly. 1 Atari 400 with membrane keyboard. It shares the power supply with the 800's. As for ram, I have no idea. The internal speaker works but it doesn't seem to be stuck on to anything inside because it moves around the inside of the case. $100 for the whole package

1 Atari 800XL and it has its own power supply. It has all of the keys. It has the original Atari computer to RF modulator box. The parallel bus cover is still there. Works like a charm. The only defect is a small crack in the clear plastic cover that is next to the silver buttons and directly above the words "START". $58

1 Atari 1040ST with power cable, mouse, AtariSC1224 RGB Color Monitor, and AtariSF314 External Floppy Drive. The drive has the power supply. The "3" key has been broken off but I still have it. The only missing key is the "e" key. I also have most if not all of the registration and/or warranty cards and manuals for the ST software and hardware. Some software included is: Timeworks Desktop Publishing Softeare. It looks as if it were never used. Everything is intact. PHA$AR Professional Home Accounting System and Resiger. Also looks as if never used. Some games are: Red Storm Rising, Wrestling, Gunship with the original keyboard overlay, Tank Attack with all the original piece and playfield poster in mint condition, Dungeons and Dragons, Blade Runner, Tons of Atari ST Public Domain Disks, and much, much, much more. Most programs are in the original boxes. $75

Leading Edge model # mp-1673 L; does not have boot disk, does have monochrome monitor, the monitor works and the computer turns on to, needs boot disk and dos or windows uploaded, havent uploaded them,dont know how to get it on here, unit only has 2 5.25 floppy drives. $50 (includes shipping)

IBM PCjr complete with all power cords, moniter, original software & books (DOS 3.0, Basic, IBM Writing Assistant) and assorted other 5.25 floppy software and a couple carts; $60

IBM PCjr; missing power cord; $30

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