Parts for your computer

Floppy Drives:
3.5" Floppy (Mitsubishi Electric) MF355F-592MA - Handles all 3.5" floppy disks, even the IBM 2Mb disks! I have 3 of them... $10

3.5" Floppy (Mitsubishi Electric) MF353C-499MA - Plain old 3.5" drive. handles all common disks. $8

Teac 5.25" floppy Mod. FD-55B-01-U - I don't know its capacity, it came out of a 386, so I think it's max is 720k. $5

NEC Corp 2X speed CD-ROM drive - Model CDR-260 $10

Mass Storage:
Maxtor Hard Drive - I don't remember the exact size of this thing but its somewhere around 800 megs $15

Seagate Model ST-225 - Full size, slot type connector, about 40megs of space. It would be great for someone hacking together a TRS-80 or Commador64, heheh. $5

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