From PONG to SMS

Here is a list of the video game consoles we currently have for sale with any notes about them, and thier prices. Email for a pic of what ever console your interested in.


Sears Video Arcade; includes one joystick and plays Atari game cartridges; $20

SEGA Master System; includes one gamepad; $20

K-mart TV game "S Four Thousand"; a spawn of PONG; $10

Tournament 2000; another spawn of PONG; $10

TurboGrafx 16; we don't have anything for it but stay tuned if you're interested...; $10

2 Atari VCS 5200's but only one of them works. Everything on them does what it was intended to do so I guess the one that doesn't work has an internal problem. It, the nonworking one, also has the word NOT scratched on the bottom as if no one had the courage to throw the thing away. Also both of them have the original manufacturing stickers on the bottom. One sticker is the toll free customer support numbers and the other is the SN# and manufacturing plant sticker. Cosmetically they are perfect. Also no power supplies. Radio Shack has one that will work. $40 for both


2 Atari joysticks; $2.50 each
Atari paddles; $7
SEGA Light Phaser for SMS; includes Hang On & Safari Hunt cartridge; $15

Game Cartridges:

SMS Space Harrier 3-D; doesn't include the 3d glasses; $5
17 Tele-games for Atari; 17 games on one cartridge!; $5
Cosmic Ark for Atari; $4
Private Eye for Atari; $4
Combat for Atari; $4

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